The joy of the Klara Maas trilogy

Review: Klara Maas se hart is gebreek, ensomeer: die vloeistof trilogie

By Barbara Loots

The comedy Klara Maas se hart is gebreek, ensomeer: Die vloeistof trilogie brings together on stage two very talented young South African actors, with unique voices and a vibrant approach to storytelling. Building on its 2016 Uitkampteater success, the original text has been developed to add two additional and complimentary short skits to create a deliciously amusing trilogy.

“We had no expectations when we did the Uitkampteater”, Wessel Pretorius shares. “It was a whole new experience and became a magical happening. Now, what we want to do [with the extended production] is make you feel a great deal of joy with a small, intimate, quirky, off-beat play”.

In this production of Klara Maas, the two travelling virtuosi wittily introduce their audience to the biography of an idealistic tear, the unrequited love of a sentimental Spanish bull, and end off with a Shakespearean inspired climax. With the addition of the sperm Linguine, the Bard wishes he thought up this existential angst twist!

With this extended Klara Maas, you will be treated to physical theatre of the most expressive kind, as the two explore the theme of lifecycles with exuberance and hilarity.  Along with their very expressive antics and vaudeville-like use of their set as props, Pretorius and Viviers craftily incorporate miming, cinematic music references and deliciously cynical narration to give a tongue-in-cheek perspective of love and life journeys.

The fast paced full length play development and growth of Klara Maas has brought it ever closer to becoming a very delicately woven physical theatre comedy experience. This emphasises the creative power of the Uitkampteater initiative to develop stories and performers.


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